A Complete Guide Marijuana Leaf Tucking Method

A Complete Guide Marijuana Leaf Tucking Method

Cannabis Leaf Tucking

You are already aware from reading my posts that autoflowering strains require slightly different growing conditions. To grow them successfully, you must be aware of their distinctive quirks; otherwise, you risk joining the group of growers that think these rare strains are useless. When cultivating autoflowering strains, seasoned growers must forget practically everything they have learned about marijuana cultivation because some of these recommendations are incompatible with effective growing methods. Cannabis leaf tucking is a method that should not be overlooked.

The significance of and potential causes for not wanting to transplant your autoflowering cannabis strains were covered in my previous article.

Autoflowering Advice

We’re about to take the scissors away from farmers that enjoy topping their marijuana plants and removing a few fan leaves during vegetative growth to improve the canopy. Do not cut fan leaves on autoflowering plants, which I know sounds weird to gardeners who use a pair of shears to style their plants. Your autoflowering plants shouldn’t be topped or low-stress trained!

Their rapid development is unable to withstand the shock of having their tops removed. You won’t make a beautiful canopy; you’ll just damage them. During the veg phase, I adore using a pair of shears, but autoflowering strains have a mind of their own. When observing their development, one must exercise restraint because it is tempting to occasionally clip a leaf to allow more light to enter.

I’ve learned instead of trimming off fan leaves to simply tuck them behind developing branches. The leaf tuck method doesn’t stress your plant like removing fan leaves does and it’s as effective at bringing light to lower branches as removing them.

It’s easy to tuck leaves behind branches, but I go that one extra step and use training wire to bend the leaf. Instead of bending branches you may bend leaves to make way for better light. Attach a loop around the leaf and slightly pull it back and secure the wire to the plant stem.

The branches will begin to poke through the space you made and quickly surpass the leaf. It’s a different way to make a canopy, but it is an effective one. Once those lower branches catch the light they’re going to take off and best the plant does not have to recover from stress of leaf removal.

This method may also be employed for non autoflowering seeds. There’s no reason not to do the leaf tuck method – especially considering the plant doesn’t have a stress factor from the chop. By adding some training wire to your leaf tuck it becomes similar to a low stress training method without the stress.

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