What One Experience With Marijuana Use?

Experience With Marijuana Use

The use of marijuana varies from person to person and also there are various factors such as dosage, various methods of consumption, tolerance level varies from person to person, and most importantly the strain of marijuana use. There are many experiences felt by different people at different stages of using marijuana, and these experiences may differ depending on various circumstances, out of which very common are relaxation of the senses, different perception, increased appetite, enhancement of sensory experiences, anxiety, impaired short-term memory, and more. The effects of marijuana use can vary widely from person to person and depend on factors such as dosage, method of consumption, individual tolerance, and the strain of marijuana used. 

Common Experiences Reported By Individuals After Using Marijuana May Include:

Sense of Relaxation-

In medical terms, it is known as Euphoria. Many people who have consumed marijuana have felt a sense of relaxation. They feel like their body has to do no work now and they feel as if they have nothing to do with the world around them.

Altered Perception-

Marijuana can affect perception, leading to changes in how individuals experience time, space, and sensory input such as sight, sound, and touch. They feel as if their soul is so light and floating like a happy boat on the water.

Increased Appetite-

This is very common and often people who consume marijuana have a good appetite, as it stimulates appetite leading to increased hunger.

Enhanced Sensory Experiences-

Many users said that they got excited by music, colours, or taste. As their normal senses have started feeling in a very different way than before.

Impaired Coordination And Motor Skills- 

Marijuana can impair coordination and motor skills, leading to difficulties with tasks that require physical force. If someone consumes a large amount of marijuana it can result in slowed reaction time, lack of coordination, decreased balance, and impaired hand-eye coordination.

Impaired Short-Term Memory-

Consuming marijuana may temporarily alter or distort short-term memory. There are many people who claim that they have forgotten the way back to their home and sometimes have also felt someone’s house to be theirs. They can even start living their dream.

Paranoia Or Anxiety: 

In medical terms, it is known as Paranoia. There are many cases where people who use marijuana have felt Paranoia, anxiety, or panic. This kind of feeling happens when a person has consumed more than the required dose of THC.

It is very important to consider that every individual experiences differ from one another, and it also depends on the dosage. Also, keep in mind that the use of marijuana can have short as well as long-term effects depending on the condition of the person, and environment from one belonging. It may differ in many cases and the effects after consuming marijuana may also vary for every individual. There are laws made by the government in their jurisdictions. Before consuming marijuana be aware of all the potential risks and effects.

*Stuff Stoners do not claim the use and consumption of marijuana, this article is for information purposes only based on the claims that people have experienced in their lives.

If in any case, anyone feels like consuming marijuana, it is strongly advised to consult your doctor before taking your life to risk.

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