Sure Jell Drug Test Trick: Can Certo Help You Pass a Urine Drug Test?

Sure Jell Drug Test Hack

If you’re looking to pass a urine drug test then you will read about using fake urine, detox drinks, detox pills, and something called the Sure Jell drug test hack.

I will precisely outline the Sure Jell drug test hack (also known as the Certo drug test hack). I’ll clarify the process during a drug test and how individuals employ this method in an attempt to surpass it.

There are alternative products you can use instead of Sure Jell, and you can check out a couple of the best ones here if you are short on time:

  • Sub Solution synthetic urine
  • Rescue Cleanse detox drink

Here’s What Happens When You Face A Urine Drug Test

When you hand your sample over it goes through the following checks:

  • The temperature is checked. Legally, it has to be between 90°F and 100°F to be accepted. Obviously, if you are submitting your own urine then this shouldn’t be a problem.
  • The sample will then undergo validity checks. This looks for adulteration with things like nitrates, checks pH and specific gravity range, and whether it contains key things like the correct level of creatinine.
  • If it passes the first two steps, it then goes through a full urinalysis. This is an immunoassay test, where your sample is tested against various panels to see if they react.

So, if you are going to try and use the Sure Jell method to pass a drug test then it needs to achieve the following:

  • Mustn’t leave your urine diluted
  • urine must still contain the right amounts of things like creatinine, uric acid, urea
  • Cannot mess around with the pH and specific gravity of your urine
  • your urine must look unadulterated, not pale and diluted

What Is The Sure Jell Drug Test Hack?

Sure Jell is a brand of fruit pectin. Certo is another brand that is associated with this method/hack. But basically, it involves using fruit pectin concentrate as the base of a method to flush out drug toxins, while keeping your urine naturally in balance, in order to pass a drug test.

The idea is that the fruit pectin and other ingredients help to draw out drug toxins, especially cannabis toxins, due to how the body reacts to such a large amount of this high-fiber concentrate entering the body.

Some even claim that it draws out all drug metabolites, leaving you permanently clean, not even just temporarily for a few hours. Unfortunately, that’s impossible to achieve with anybody flush method.

Certo For Drug Test Method: Full Sure Jell Drug Test Method Instructions

Here are the full instructions for using the Certo/Sure Jell fruit pectin drug test hack.

You’ll need the following ingredients:

  • Two sachets of good quality fruit pectin
  • Two bottles of Gatorade (or a similar sports drink with high levels of electrolytes)
  • Powdered creatinine monohydrate
  • One multivitamin and one vitamin D2 tablet
  • 8 fluid ounces of additional water

The steps to perform the Sure Jell drug test hack are as follows:

  • At least 48 hours before your drug test, stop taking in drug toxins. Do this for as long as possible before the test, as many days as you can. Live a healthy lifestyle, and exercise to push out as many toxins as you naturally can.
  • You’ll start the rest of the process in the early evening of the night before your drug test as follows.
  • Mix up the first packet of fruit pectin with a bottle of Gatorade. Drink this down in a few minutes. Urinate several times before you go to bed.
  • The next day, two hours before your drug test, mix up the second packet of Certo/Sure Jell with the second bottle of Gatorade. Drink this down in a few minutes again.
  • Next, using the 8 fluid ounces of water, take the multivitamin and the vitamin D tablets along with 5 g of creatinine monohydrate.
  • Over the next hour, urinate as frequently as you can and drink a little additional water if necessary.

Is There Any Scientific Evidence The Certo/Sure Jell Method Works?

The idea is that the fruit pectin flushes out drug toxins better than water can.

But here’s the thing. Fruit pectin creates bile and is high in fiber, which actively attracts cannabis metabolites to the bowel, excluding other drug toxins. The majority of cannabis metabolites (over 60%) exit through the bowels rather than urine. By drawing more into the bowel, they are evidently expelled from the body more rapidly.

The volume of liquid you are drinking would flush out the remaining cannabis and other drug metabolites.

So, unless you are a cannabis smoker then the fruit pectin method is completely inefficient and no better than drinking water to try and flush out your bladder, which will leave it horribly diluted and change the look of your urine, as well as the pH, specific gravity, and composition.

If you are trying to get rid of cannabis metabolites, then sure, it will draw out more toxins than you can achieve naturally. On the downside though, you’re still flushing out your urine stream and you are altering it so that it will be potentially noticeable, especially to modern validity testing.

The idea with the multivitamin, creatinine, and vitamin D, is that they will flood the body and keep the urine more balanced, and looking the right color.

But this approach is hit and miss and overlooks the fact that you cannot use anything to modify the specific gravity and pH range to attain the correct levels after diluting your sample.

Why Is The Certo Drug Test Method Popular And So Often Talked About?

The bottom line is that even for a cannabis user, the Certo for drug test method is almost useless.

Sure, it increases the number of cannabis metabolites that you remove from the body. But it doesn’t remove them all, it doesn’t keep your urine balance naturally to mask the fact you have altered things, and it just runs a huge risk of failure.

It’s popular and talked about because it’s dirt cheap and easy to get the ingredients. It may even have worked a decade ago when drug testing was more basic (especially validity checks).

But, right now, with modern digital drug testing and better processes, you don’t stand a chance in hell of passing using this method, especially as the method directions are different on every single website and every video that you will find that talks about it.

Don’t worry though, because there are a couple of fast and efficient ways that you can pass a urine sample drug test with far less risk than attempting the Sure Jell drug test hack.

I will say though if it’s just cannabis you’re trying to get rid of, and you cannot get anything else, then as a last resort, it’s better than just trying to flood your body with urine, but not a lot better.

It floods the body with liquid and expels things found in urine. The body passes them through as waste in the correct proportions, maintaining the appearance of balanced urine and reducing the risk compared to submitting a fake sample. As long as you can undergo at least a 24-hour detox before the test day, Rescue Cleanse remains significantly more effective at passing than Certo/Sure Jell.

Note: Roy wrote this article. The editorial team does not assume responsibility for any claims that may arise regarding the published content.

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