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stuffstoners.com Accepted Guest Post articles about Detox, CBD Oil, Cannabis, Marijuana, and Hemp products to be posted to our website. Are you a knowledgeable person with knowledge on a topic you would like to share with our readers? These are a wonderful way to share your knowledge and guidance with others to help them establish or expand their CBD Oil, Cannabis, Marijuana, or Marijuana business. Contact us at CBD for more information about how you can expand your reach, promote and establish links, and other useful tips.

stuffstoners.com is a high-authority website that allows you to promote your CBD Oils, Hemp, Cannabis, and Products and increase your worldwide visibility.

What kind of writing can we expect from you?

Your intellectual creativity, writing skills, and dedication should make it possible to write a guest post.
Before you submit your work, make sure to proofread it and review the guidelines.

Writing guidelines:

  • For legitimate content, a Copy scape pass must be obtained. Google and SEO don’t like the same material.
  • Your article should not exceed 800 words.
  • You must submit guest posts CBD at a minimum of two images, each at least 1024 pixels in width.
  • We welcome guest posts that link to products/package pages and sites related to the CBD sector.
  • If you have a topic or an idea, please send it to admin@stuffstoners.com.

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Guest Blogging Rules And Conditions

To increase the chances of your content being accepted, please review the following guidelines:

Cannabis Health Claims

We can not accept articles that make unsubstantiated health claims for Marijuana/CBD oil.

If your article includes references to medical benefits, you must link to the relevant research study on a professional or Government research database/website.

Content Length

Longer is better! Please make sure your article is a minimum of 800 words.

Topical Relevance

Your article submission MUST be related to the existing categories and topics on our blog. This means fresh content that hasn’t been published before. Topics can include cannabis growing, cultivation, processing, cannabis culture, and even recipes! Please include images and subject relevant links if possible.

Your article must not be a blatant promotion. If your submission reads like a thinly disguised hard sell, it will not be published.

Quality of Content

Do you have a passion for any aspects of the rapidly growing hemp/cannabis industry? Maybe your interest is in hemp farming or sustainability? If so, great! A passion for your topic can transform what would have been an average article into something much more.

We will not accept stolen content and we employ tools to check for plagiarism.



Please do not waste your time by submitting content you have copied from somewhere else. You are free to include useful information that will support the article but if you notice you are cutting and pasting large sections of text, they must be in quotations, and you must ensure that the source is stated and linked.

Writing Quality

For an article to be accepted, it MUST be well-written and well structured. If we decide that extensive editing is required, we will return it to you for revisions. Articles with many spelling mistakes and bad grammar will be ignored.

Images and Linking Policy

Your article must display all sources as references. Any images should include sources as well. Please don’t include Sammy or excessive links. We will not post links to any illegal market websites including casino and porn websites.

Paid Guest Posts

If your article is written for link building or business promotion there is a fee of $70 USD. As long as your article follows our guidelines your post and links will be permanent. Please fill out the form below and we will contact you regarding payment.

Thank you in advance for respecting our guidelines. We hope this will keep the quality of our articles consistently high. Our aim is to publish interesting, informative, and educational articles which will be enjoyable for our visitors.

Submit a Guest Blog on CBD Write for Us

You can email the article to admin@stuffstoners.com as a Word document or a Google document once it meets all of the guidelines and requirements. After that, the content will be reviewed by our editorial staff.

Our staff will notify you if a change is required. We will notify you if a modification is required and post it within 24hrs.

Thanks again for your interest in writing for us.