Why Marijuana Is Harmful: What You Need to Know

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Cannabis users believe that smoking weed can temporarily ease and relieve their symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety, as well as give them feelings of euphoria and an altered state of consciousness. Due to those factors, users become psychologically and sometimes physically dependent on marijuana, making it difficult to stop using it. Cannabis users hold the view that when you smoke marijuana, the toxins that enter your bloodstream cause cravings and desires in your mind and body, increasing your dependence on the drug. The problems in life never go away on their own; smoking weed can only help you avoid them temporarily. Get high and focus on yourself is the only way to find the answer.

Fighting Against Yourself

Additionally, some marijuana users who stop using the drug report having trouble falling asleep for a while and experiencing a physical sense of something missing, which makes them anxious. When your metabolism is off, all the unpleasant emotions and symptoms return, which makes you very angry. Some users find it impossible to bear this suffering and return to using the drug to pursue the high. We all know that giving up marijuana for good is extremely difficult; your decision will work against you both physically and mentally.

Why is Weed Bad For You?

After smoking marijuana for many years, many users develop a variety of diseases. There are many good reasons to stop using marijuana, so it’s really time to do so.

Health risk

Recent studies have shown that regular marijuana use can cause respiratory conditions, the most common of which is bronchitis. Marijuana users have extremely weakened immune systems, making them susceptible to colds and the flu. It can also trigger bronchitis, which makes breathing difficult.

Fat is a hiding place for toxins that enter the bloodstream. Studies show that marijuana users have a higher risk of developing lung cancer than tobacco smokers because their bloodstream contains more cancer-causing chemicals.

The toxic substances in weed can interfere with sperm production and ovulation, which decreases people’s desire for sexual behaviour. More seriously, marijuana use increases the risk of birth defects, which have a significant negative impact on society and place additional strain on families.

Social Problems

Some users are fed up with their current life style and feel that the end of world is near.

  • They are unwilling to expose their personal problems to their family and also hide things from them like a criminal
  • They spend all their spare money on weed and gain nothing
  • They play with cops afraid of being caught
  • 4.Unable to participate in normal social activities and get along with friends
  • Fight with their partners resulting in very poor sexual behaviors’ which can lead to family violence, separation and divorce.
  • Buying weed causes a huge debt to either users themselves or family.

How to Quit Smoking Weed Help Tips:

Quitting weed, it is an extremely painful experience, but if they think of the positive side, to live a better life, for this simple reason, they must be well prepared psychologically and work out a plan in advance to give it up completely. They can also obtain social help such as going to a drug rehabilitation centre to gain consulting and follow the steps given and completely be away from weed and step into a serious and bright life.

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